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Gulf Maharashtra Business Forum

   Since 2004


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MahaBiz-2012-Dubai – Second Gulf Maharashtra Business Conference, 27 & 28th Oct, 2012, DWTC, Dubai

GCC region is one of the nearest and wealthiest trade block to Indian subcontinent. GCC consists of Six countries i.e. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Bahrain , Qatar , Oman and United Arab Emirates . Total ongoing project investments in GCC countries may exceed over a trillion dollars. United Arab Emirates and Dubai is one of the fasted growing region within GCC. India and Indians always had a very prominent share in trade and business with GCC and UAE. Most businesses set up offices in Dubai or UAE and do business with more than 18 countries in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, which presents numerous business opportunities in various sectors. When India and USA signs FTA with UAE and other countries in this region, we believe the business potential will improve substantially.

Gulf Maharashtra Business Forum (GMBF)

GMBF is a business forum set up in 2004, was affiliated to IBPC, Sharjah until 2012. GMBF is a forum of over 200 professionals & businessmen, based in the UAE, India and across GCC. We have been networking since 2004 to share our professional experience, business leads and helping new entrepreneurs in setting up business in UAE. Everyone in the group is successful in his/ her own capacity and with our constant interaction and guidance; we have been able to create few success stories, where employees were inspired to become entrepreneurs. In the last 7 years, we interacted and worked with number of delegates from India , who wished to set up business in Dubai and UAE and vice versa.  

Most of us come from State of Maharashtra , India . Maharashtra is one of the most industrialised states in India , with Mumbai as its capital. It is also the nearest and best city approachable from Dubai by air and sea. We have been promoting business interest in this region and interacted/ attended several conferences and meetings with Industry associations in MH and India , which includes

  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
  • Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC)
  • Jagtik Marathi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JMCCI)
  • Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (MACCIA)
  • Maharatta Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture (MCCIA)
  • Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC)
  • Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
  • All regional business councils and industry forums.

In medium term, our objective is to build “Maharashtra Udyog Bhavan” in UAE, which we believe would encourage and help a lot to all entrepreneurs and businessmen. In April 2010, GMBF organized First Gulf Maharashtra Business Convention (आखाती मराठी उद्योजक परिषद) MahaBiz-2010-Dubai, supported by all abovementioned organisations and Government of Maharashtra. In Oct. 2012, GMBF is organizing Second Gulf Maharashtra Business Conference MahaBiz-2012-Dubai at Dubai World Trade Center.

Main objectives of GMBF are as follows:

1.     To share knowledge, experience and business leads with fellow members and assist each other in progressing together by creating GMBF as self-sustaining professional business forum.

2.     To interact and assist professionals, businessmen and industrialists from all over the world with specific emphasis professionals from Maharashtra, India and help in creating business channel for setting up, growing and facilitating business ventures in UAE, India and across the GCC region.

3.     To build permanent facility for members to meet and do business by acquiring premises and creating infrastructure to enhance business networking.

4.     To organise seminar, conferences and networking events for between fellow members and business delegates/ delegations across the world with specific emphasis on GCC region and India

In order to reach to our objectives, we propose to work closely with other industry associations, chamber of commerce and government institutions of UAE, India and other countries to obtain the support and guidance.